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Candles you will love.

All About Muffin & Sunshine

I created Muffin & Sunshine as a side business. I love candles. I love burning them while I am working, soaking in a bath, meditating or just because I love candles. As I researched making candles I learned there are so many styles of candles to be created.

Come dive into my creative world and enjoy relaxing with my homemade 100% soy or beeswax candles. 

Candle Care

Burn 2-3 hours maximum. Make sure you trim the wick after each before relighting. If your wick starts to mushroom, extinguish the candle, trim wick and relight. Beware of drafts. There should be no soot (black smoke). If there is extinguish check for drafts and trim your wick.

Candle size determines the scent throw.

Happy Burning!